Friday 2 August 2013

Cision: Media Relations from the new vision

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Today`s information may look like some kind of advertising, but it is not, even though I do recommend this software to every PR professional.

The very first day of my internship I was introduced to the best friend of every PR person - Cisionpoint by Cision.

I don`t know if you ever had 'Excel based map' experience (when you have to create and update, and rearrange the lists of media contacts important for your work), but I know this was terrible and inconvinient.
Not only we had to almost be friends with journalists to get their contacts or spend the whole week Googleing and searching for the email address so secret it was never displayed on the newspapers website, but the data needed quite a regular update with the same procedures.

Apparently in the UK (and the US) things are so much easier, you just subscribe for the Cisionpoint software and half of the work is already done for you.


What is it? - Imagine your Excel list of media contacts in the global scale. Yes, this software has all (or almost all) media contacts, including the personal contacts of journalists, freelancers, bloggers and even Twitter though leaders necessary for successful campaign. Of course, the most fully completed database, I believe, is for UK and American media outlets. However, I checked, all the most influential Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Turkish contacts are there.

What can I do with it? - You can create projects and make media contact`s lists for every of them, handpicking the right journalists. The search options even let you find people who write about 'fish tourism from radical perspective' (but why would you want to look for them?). More seriously, the profiles of the newspapers, magazines and webistes include information about the audience, editors, areas of interests, influentiality and etc.
In addition, you can write and send press releases through this software to the early chosen contacts, making the emails as personalised as possible just in a few clicks! (I was really impressed with this). Later on, you will receive the monitoring of your coverage on a daily basis and analyse the results of your work. You can also add your own contacts and edit existing ones.

Why would I need it? - I really have no ideas about the monthly price the company should pay for using this software, but I believe it is worth it. (Information on the prices should be available here). Cisionpoint substantially help PR professionals in their daily routine, is quite simple and easy-to-use.

Here are some YouTube videos I found to show Cisionpoint in work:

1. Search tutorial 
2. Coverage monitoring notifications tutorial 

And finally, on cision blog I found this article interesting, so I share it with you - 

7 PR Pitches That Will Get My Attention Every Time

Hope this is useful. :)

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